Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Lomo applications

 I am turning 2 very soon!Mummy's busy planning my birthday party. Happy Chinese Year to all Uncles, Aunties, Sisters and Brothers. Blessing everyone with good health and fortune!HUAT AH!~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

funny photos


my super-imposed pink hair!matches my dress..hahaha
I can be like britney Spears..

check out my new look.
Mummy's new swimming goggles..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jalan Jalan

first shot at the marina south pier..

A family protrait.

cute swimming outfits(fashion parade model)

Minnie mouse!!

I am the strawberry girl!Anyone wants a strawberry milkshake?
Little Princess

Kiaraa's Birthday(30march 2009)

specially chosen for kiaraa's birthday..ELMO..!
Tier-display with chocolates, strawberries and mini chicken pies.

Sesame Street themed Birthday cake. taking with the grandparents..
and..grandparents..(see mummy trying to grab my attention!-reflection of her behind)hahaha..

then mummy and daddy..

Then Uncle Bryan
followed by..kayden and aunt Clara.

Daddy and mummy love this photo...I was a copycat..everyone was showing her how to pout her lips to blow the candles..and she did!! makes daddy and mummy laughed...
Kiaraa can't wait to unwrap all the presents..
hahaha....finally..kiaraa got a ride on the Bouncing Bear.
Here comes me..the cowgirl!
Mummy and I took a picture on my actual Birthday.

pouting her lips..
Clap clap!